June 2022

Thursday, June 30, 2022

I'm trying to make writing these a habit but so far it has not stuck. For most of June, I was thinking about July and the two months of racing that will kick off then. Anyway, here's some stuff that happened this month and things I enjoyed.

Emily moved back from Ithaca, and Cooper came back from his stay up there. I am happy to have them both home.

I bought my first trials bike, a 2020 Gas Gas TXT 300. I can't wait to get out on it.


The ECEA season picked back up again with the Ridge Run sprint enduro. I didn't ride as well as I'd have liked and finished in 9th B Vet / 29th Overall B.

I got out on the enduro bike every weekend though, and I bicycled ~345 miles. I'm trying to keep to a focused strength training routine too. My fitness feels good going into all the races coming up, though I'm sure I'll find my endurance lacking at the hard enduros.


  • Arvo Pärt, Alina (1999)
  • Joan Of Arc, How Memory Works (1998)
  • Laurel Halo, Dust (2017)
  • Laurel Halo / Hodge, Tru / Opal / The Light Within You (2018)
  • Mike and the Moonpies, One to Grow On (2021)
  • Pangaea, Reprise Podcast 011 (2009)
  • Rachika Nayar, Fragments (2021)
    • Still obsessed. I picked up a cassette copy this month as well.
  • Slow Attack Ensemble, Music For Turntable, Guitars and Sampled Instruments (2020)
  • Sonic Youth discography
    • Still making my way through all the live stuff but think I've listened to all the studio releases at this point.
  • Zimoun, Guitar Studies I-III (2022)
  • various NTS shows
  • various West Mineral Ltd. releases


I read nothing this month. Pathetic. :(


  • Barry (2018)
  • The Sopranos (19992007)
  • Face/Off (1997)
  • Jeopardy! (1984)
    • Though not as much lately since we have to watch it live now!
  • NBA Finals
  • Pro Motocross