Off Road Moto Racing

Saturday, December 28, 2019

In 2019, I rode a few different styles of off-road races: enduro, hare scramble, and stage rally. While the rally was the most fun, there just aren't many of them happening (at least on the east coast), they're usually far away, and they're expensive. Hare scrambles are fun too but you race laps, so while the track deteriorates over the race, it's still mostly the same each lap.

Enduro is where I really enjoyed myself. There's plenty of intensity like in a hare scramble, but you don't have as many riders flying by you. The tracks are usually very challenging, so every ride is going to push you and make you improve on the bike, but it's also fun, for a certain type of person hahah. The timekeeping aspect is kind of fun and keeps you on your toes during transits.

Learning how it all works has been an enjoyable process while off the bike at home. Though I've now purchased an ICO CheckMate+ computer and won't have to put as much effort into preparing, it will still be a good idea to review the confirmation sheets and try to learn a bit about the track before riding it. In 2020, I'd like to ride a minimum of 10 ECEA enduros. It will be a lot of racing, but I think it's doable. Racing will just be my main riding that I do next season.

Sand Blast Rally

If you've ever wanted to run wide open in 6th gear through deep sand, Sand Blast Rally is the race. I hit ~90mpg on SS6. That was fun. I ended up 16th overall, 8th in MM class.

Broad Mountain Enduro

I rode the Broad Mountain Enduro on May 26, 2019. It was my first enduro and it really beat me up. I had no idea how difficult it would actually be, especially as I've had very little experience riding the type of terrain it covered rocky and rooty, muddy and slippery, steep ascent and descents. I was terrified for the first few miles and then just exhausted. I did not finish, and I learned how much better shape I need to be in before I give a go at another one.

Richardson's Farm Hare Scramble

Pine Hill Enduro

Whooped out Pine Barrens fire cuts all damn day. I had a really helpful guy on my row, Michael, who helped me understand what was happening durning the race with resets, free time, etc.

Sandy Lane Enduro

A fun one, lots of tight woods. I had one big off where I whiskey throttled myself into some trees. I had a pause for a few minutes after that one. I was able to timekeep somewhat, though I will want an enduro computer for next year.