Trans America Trail

August 20, 2018 — Virginia

260 miles

Excellent first day on the TAT. Fun gravel roads, trickier rocky roads, and a whole lot of turns up in the mountains.

There's so much moisture out here. The misty tracks were fantastic. I got dumped on for 15 minutes around 4pm and then the sun finally appeared. Decided to head to Bland, VA and get a motel room. There was some great twisty and long straight gravel to end the day with. Super fun stuff. I got my first dog chase, a big German Shepherd.

I also nearly got ran off of Rye Hollow Rd by a UPS truck. There were a ton of blind corners to roll around today.

An old Grateful Dead performance running on PBS provided a soundtrack as I drifted off to sleep. RIP Jerry and Brent.