Trans America Trail

August 28, 2018 — Tennessee → Mississippi

265 miles

I want to say this was the best day but I think I've said that about every day. But damn Mississippi has some crazy fun riding. Granted, I got a perfect day for it. The sun shone all day. There were a couple sun showers in the early afternoon. I wouldn't have minded if they'd lasted a bit longer cuz it was hot out there. It hadn't really rained for close to a week, so the dirt was dry and fast. I started getting really comfortable with the terrain after a couple hours, lots of great miles to stand up and plenty of fast, wide corners to slide the rear around. Just so much fun.

The difficulty would have increased tenfold had it been wet and evidence of that was visible in many places by the ruts and tracks in the roads. There were a good few miles where I could see recent bike tracks way over on the sides of the road and squiggly down the center. I salute those riders' efforts.

Mississippi is a real dual sporting gem. The sections through Holly Springs National Forest were especially fantastic. I'd love to come back and ride more of the state some day.

Tomorrow I'll cross over the river and continue in Arkansas.