Trans America Trail

September 6, 2018 — Colorado → Utah

215 miles

What a morning! I finally got some sunshine and started out to Cinnamon Pass. There was heavy fog hanging in the canyon and over San Cristobal Lake.

I hit Cinnamon, California, and Corkscrew pass in short order. They were pretty wild. The riding wasn't too difficult, but it was pretty slow going. Corkscrew has a very steep descent over a road made up of large rocks. I boiled my rear brake fluid just as I was getting to the end of the steepest sections.

It took close to four hours to do the 50 miles over the passes, and I stopped in Silverton for lunch while a strong rain and hail storm came through. I bought some overpriced "waterproof" gloves from the Harley store there. They're too small but far warmer than the pair I have. They helped warm my hands up for a bit, and they'll most likely see some more use when it gets colder again.

After lunch I hit Ophir which felt tame after the previous few passes. It looked like bad weather westward again. The trail took me through a vast alpine forest and aspen groves in Lizard Head Wilderness before dropping down to the farmland of western Colorado. There were bad storms to the south, but I managed to skirt around them.

From Dove Creek, I hightailed it on the dirt roads into Utah and over to 3 Step Hideaway where Scott had a steak and corn on the cob waiting for me. We chatted for a while and then I crashed under a million stars.