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Tank Bag

  • inReach
  • knife
  • sunscreen
  • bug spray
  • headphones
  • battery
  • small dry bag
  • towel
  • phone
  • hydration pack
  • backup micro SDs
  • charging cables


  • GPS
  • helmet
  • goggles
  • body protector
  • leg protector
  • jersey
  • jacket
  • pants
  • boots
  • gloves


  • tent
  • sleeping bag & pad
  • lamp & extra AA batteries
  • cookware, soap & sponge
  • stove
  • water bag
  • water filter/purification tablets


  • merino t-shirt
  • long johns
  • fleece
  • shorts
  • pants
  • 2 socks
  • 2 underwear
  • hat
  • sneakers


  • tool roll
  • ratchet set
  • tire irons
  • headlamp
  • air compressor
  • small bike pump (as backup)
  • chain tool
  • enduro side stand
  • tire gauge
  • rope


  • 2 master links
  • 3 full chain links
  • chain lube
  • fuel injector
  • fuel pump
  • levers
  • oil
  • spark plugs
  • tube
  • oiled air filter
  • master cylinder kit
  • clutch fluid
  • brake fluid
  • rocker arms


  • wet wipes
  • notebook
  • TAT maps
  • toiletries (toothbrush/paste, floss, soap, nail clippers, q-tips)
  • first aid kit
  • emergency bag (matches, compass, space blanket, cuben tape, duct tape, etc)
  • toilet paper
  • spare key

Emergency Provisions

  • bars
  • instant coffee
  • 2-3 dehydrated meals

Reference Materials

  • service manual


August 18 September 16, 2018

Aug 18NYCdepart
Aug 22Townsend, TNarrive
Aug 23-24Smoky Mountains w/ Dadride
Aug 27Mississippi River, MIarrive
Aug 29Tulsa, OKarrive
Sep 02Lake City, COarrive
Sep 03 (Labor Day)Lake City, COzero
Sep 04-05Colorado passes & trailsride
Sep 06Moab, UTarrive
Sep 07-08Moab, UTride
Sep 12Oregon borderarrive
Sep 15Pacific Oceanarrive
Sep 17Portland -> NYCflying

Rough Mileage Estimates

Estimate traveling ~250 mi/day on average

   0 mi |  0 days | NY Harbor, Atlantic Ocean
1000 mi |  4 days | intersection with TAT proper
1250 mi |  5 days | Smoky Mountains
2000 mi |  8 days | Mississippi River, MI
2500 mi | 10 days | Tulsa, OK
3500 mi | 14 days | Lake City, CO
4750 mi | 19 days | Oregon border
5500 mi | 22 days | Pacific Ocean
   0 mi | 2 zero days
~500 mi | 2 days NC/TN
~500 mi | 2 days CO
~500 mi | 2 days UT
~500 mi | 2 days OR?
7500 mi | 32 days total

Tennessee & Mississippi

The first 81 miles of the TAT from Andrews to Tellico Plains is quite nice and at one point you end up crossing over the Cherohala. Don't give up on TN and MS. Each state is different and has it's own charm and fun. Unless it's really wet - then I'd be looking for short cuts in MS. Eastern AR is kinda flat but with a few interesting bits but riding that you're on your way to the Ozarks which are not to be missed. The only place I'd skip, and I'd do it every time, is just about all of the dirt west of Tulsa in OK and jump back on the TAT in Boise City OK.





Personally I would suggest riding the TAT route as far as Ponca City (with any detour for flooding of course), then slab it to Alva and ride the scenic section west to where it crosses hwy 64 again, then make up some time on the pavement again, either via Liberal (Kanasas) if you need an overnight, and pick up the TAT again at Boise City before New Mexico.




When you guys are providing info about blocked passes. you should give some context. Anyone following either of the popular tracks will not be going through most of the Alpine loop. Tin Cup, Tomichi, and Hancock aren't on the plan either. You leave Salida and go down over Marshal Pass, over to Lake City then Cinnamon Pass and then you're pretty much done with higher elevations in Colorado. I'm going to guess that Marshal and Cinnamon open up earlier than some of the others. So just because some passes are still blocked in early July doesn't mean I wouldn't launch to be there about that time.




  • White Rim Road, day-use permit required from NPS; start early, go clockwise to avoid staring into the sun all day.
  • shit tons of Moab GPS routes in basecamp
  • Black Dragon Canyon
  • Shaffer Trail in Canyonlands N.P.
  • Pritchet Canyon (difficult)
  • Sovereign Trail (difficult)



  • ride on beach: Cape Kiwanda, Gearhart to Warrenton (~10 mi stretch)



Pre-trip Maintenance

  • set sag
  • install new spark plug
  • top off brake/clutch/etc fluid
  • install new tubes & tires
  • install new brake pads
  • install new fuel filter
  • install new springs & superplush preload adjuster
  • new oil & clean filters
  • check valves
  • new air filter

Trip Maintenance

  • Possibly do tires, oil, valves before or early Colorado? order parts to & use the bunkhouse in Oklahoma to do this?
  • Sam recommends Fred Hink (435-259-7356) @ Arrowhead Motorsports in Moab


Ship the bike back with Federal Motorcycle Transport. It should cost around \$700-800. Call them 5-7 days out to schedule the dropoff.

Service Intervals

oil & filtersXX
air filterXX
bleed fork legsXX
spark plugX
brake fluidX

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