Trans America Trail

August 25, 2018 — Tennessee

195 miles

Really good day. I rode the Dragon again on my way to join with the TAT. Really putting those side knobs to use the past few days ;)

I hit Tellico Plains and rode Witt Rd., handled the water crossings with no drama. There is a pretty rocky, rough section before the crossing that had me bouncing around. The rest of the day was full of excellent forest roads through Cherokee National Forest. I had lots of fun and felt great on the bike.

I picked up new TKC80 rear tire at Eurosport in Asheville, probably a bit premature, but I was unsure if I'd be able to find a tire as easily in Mississippi. My D606 is looking pretty worn out after all the pavement miles from the previous week. I've strapped the new tire up and will spoon it on in a couple more days when the current one is totally gone.

I fixed at least temporarily my side stand spring issue. I set a regular old bolt in there with some loctite and it's worked all day. I'm hoping it will stick.

I also popped a new master link clip on my chain. Something made me think to check it, and when I did found that the clip was missing, but the rest of the master link was still in place. Spooky.