Trans America Trail

August 26, 2018 — Tennessee → Georgia → Tennessee

265 miles

Best day yet. I spent the morning riding southwest out of Cherokee National Forest on some nice tracks, similar to yesterday. Then rode into Georgia's Chattahoochee NF and around Bald Mountain.

The trail then dropped down in elevation where the weather warmed considerably and the landscape changed, the sky got bigger, the turns wider, and the speeds a bit faster.

Northwest Georgia was a lot of really fun gravel and pavement. It felt good to get a decent mileage in today after a couple slower days. I definitely felt back in the pocket, and that I was flowing throughout most of the day.

I lost my zip-tied heat shield on a nasty pothole hidden by a shadow. I noticed a couple miles later that it was gone and hoped it'd be where I thought. I got lucky and found it just lying there on the road. Zip-tied it back on, but doubly this time.

I don't think the side stand fix is going to last, so I just rest it against trees and posts as much as possible and don't use it. Luckily, this is easy around these parts. I've camped tonight outside of Jasper, TN.