Trans America Trail

August 31, 2018 — Oklahoma

330 miles

I got moving early today and the first few dozen miles after Moody's were nice, scenic hill country. There were a few mud holes after the rain last night but all were manageable. After I crossed over the Grand River, it flattened out more. The riding near Tall Grass Prairie Preserve was nice.

I hit the state highways around Foraker, hoping for some relaxing slab to Alva for the night, but the nice morning breeze had turned into a consistent, strong southerly wind that tried its damndest to push me off the road for the next couple hours. It was brutal. The last 30 miles to Alva were some of the most exhausting miles I've had on the trip so far. I was cursing at the wind through my helmet. Everyone I asked about it just shook their head and said "Yeah, that's Oklahoma weather for you."

I made good progress over the day though and tomorrow should be at the New Mexico border.