Trans America Trail

September 1, 2018 — Oklahoma

330 miles

After a few good miles of red dirt in the morning, I spent most of the day on pavement, trying to get the hell out of Oklahoma.

The bike stalled around 4pm as I came to a stop at a light in Boise City. It started right back up but felt rough at idle. Then it stalled again. I nursed to LJs Bunkhouse, keeping the revs high, and pulled off the seat. I swapped in my spare fuel injector and a new oiled air filter, which I had planned to do around this point in the trip. No better. I let it sit for a couple hours and tried to start it again. It idled for a few seconds and then cut out. Fuck. I'm too exhausted to do more research tonight and the WiFi barely exists here. I'll find out what happens in the morning.