Trans America Trail

September 9, 2018 — Utah

265 miles

The morning started on fun, straight dirt roads heading out of Moab and then followed the old highway that ran parallel to I-70.

I joined the Utah BDR in Green River and headed north. The road quickly deteriorated into sandy washes, deep ruts, and rocky step-offs. At some points the road was completely washed out, and I followed tracks around through the brush. It was slow going and after 10:30 the heat made it hard to stop in the sun for more than a minute or two. I rested in the small areas of shade I could find to cool down both the bike and myself. The slow speeds were causing us both to overheat. I didn't take any photos of the trail here cuz I didn't want to stop, but I wish I had. It was the toughest riding I've had to do the entire trip. This section felt like the most remote riding I had done. I'm sure being surrounded by the hyperactive scene in Moab the past few days only increased that feeling, but throughout the morning I didn't see a single person or another vehicle.

After a few hours, I hit a better road and got to enjoy the scenery. I got fuel in Wellington and the route led up through Ninemile Canyon on a twisty, paved road. It then cut back west on some dirt through Ashley National Forest and Azure Canyon. Lots of ranches provided more cattle and horse traffic. The horses quickly move out of the way, but cows will sometimes jump in the opposite direction you think they might go.

I was in need of a shower after a few days outside in the heat, so I slabbed to Duchesne for a room.