Trans America Trail

September 10, 2018 — Utah → Wyoming → Utah

275 miles

Perfect weather today. The morning tracks took me through Uinta National Forest on wide dirt roads. There was a lot of washboard that got old quickly, but it eventually stopped and became a rutted single lane road. Riding in between the ruts generally worked out. This led through some gorgeous aspen groves. The leaves here had changed much more than in Colorado.

I got back on some wider dirt roads, then on to Mirror Lake Highway, and over Bald Mountain Pass. Gorgeous views just about everywhere. The track then cuts into Whitney Basin on a rocky road. After some alpine forest and more aspen, everything opened up, and I rode an awesome ridge with incredible views.

The wind picked up as I rode into Evanston, where I stopped for gas and lunch, and got gustier across the high plains of Wyoming.

The riding after lunch was just as fun and scenic as the morning. Bear Lake seems impossible being only a few hours from the extreme dry of the Canyonlands to the south. I wound down US-89 through Logan Canyon and stopped in town for the night. I'm hoping to pick up some oil tomorrow morning, rejoin with the TAT in Tremonton, and continue on to Idaho.